EverSuite Compliance


Electronic Records Management and Compliance

EverSuite Compliance meets the growing needs of businesses for long-term digital archive and records management, preserving the legal integrity of business information.
Supporting regulatory compliance and in line with legal requirements of traceability and conservation, this solution provides integrated and secure archiving functions.



The Challenges of Records Management

Organizations generate and work with a large volume of content in various formats (emails, letters, presentations, videos, contracts…), most of which is key for its operation. Archive is nowadays a growing concern among organizations, facing the following challenges:

  • Economic: Controlling the storage and destruction of records, doubling every 9 to 12 months
  • Organizational: Streamlining the flow of incoming archive from multiple sources, channels and formats
  • Regulatory: Conforming to regulatory compliance, norms and legislative rules governing enterprise documentation

EverSuite Compliance Solutions are designed to provide companies with simple, secure, and standard tools to implement compliance projects meeting the requirements of compliance officers, archivists and IT.

EverSuite Compliance Strengths

  • Deliver quick, affordable compliance project, deployed in a matter of weeks, providing immediate value to business users,  guaranteeing ROI within a year
  • Business focused, and feature packed to adapt to most compliance requirements: SOX, MoReq, NFZ 42013 & ISO 14641-1, ISO 15489, ISO 14721.
  • Manage the full archiving cycle, from capture, to lifecycle management, retention and disposition rules, PDF/A conversion, storage and archiving on specialized media
  • Enable access to archived content directly from an EverSuite application as well as portal based publishing such as Microsoft SharePoint
  • Standards Based, built around industry standards, easily integrated and scalable solutions in accordance with IT policies

EverSuite Compliance for :

  • Digital document archive
  • Legal archive of accounting, HR flows...
  • Employee information archive
  • Fund of funds compliance
  • Paper & electronic records management